About Us

For over the last 71 years, Duchess has provided superior quality business wear and uniforms to the CorporateServiceMedical and Beautysectors. Many of Duchess’s customers are leaders in their own fields and have enjoyed valued and long-term business partnerships which have formed over the years.


The Duchess brand was established in 1945 and has proven years of quality, style and innovation. In 2011, the brand was purchased by new management. The new management team has brought in 32 years of experience in related industries and combined it with the classy Duchess brand to produce improved high quality and sophisticated products with the same essence that made Duchess so successful for more than half a century. Ladies garments run under the DUCHESS brand, and unisex and/or mens garments are run under the VANGARD brand.


Our Goal:


A uniform is the first step towards customer service. At the new Duchess, our goal is to provide you with the very best in beautifully-styled and co-ordinated corporate wear. We strive to dress your employees in stylish outfits that promote professionalism in the work place, feel comfortable and wear well. Our clothing collections are of the highest international specification and are made from top quality local and imported fabrics. These fabrics are tested and their qualities monitored by our technicians, ensuring that we supply a superior quality garment consistently. We believe that only by controlling every stage of production, from fabric to finish, can we guarantee quality and offer highly competitive prices.


We also believe in excelling in service delivery. Our staff complement is of the highest calibre with many years experience in the clothing industry. They are trained to treat you with the highest standards of professionalism and to give you nothing less than the best service. We are committed to helping with any design changes or personalisation of uniforms you may require.